Goroka Show

The staging of the Goroka Show started back in 1957 at the Independence Park opposite the Goroka Main Market. It was first introduced and organized by Australian Kiaps (patrol officers). Kiaps from each district built round houses typical of their districts. It is they proudly displayed cultures of their districts. The kiaps brought in singsing groups from their area and as we have some twenty nine languages and societies it was reflected in their culture. It began as an entertainment weekend for everybody in the Province. It was also a competition to see which was the best organized and administered district.Get GarageBand For Windows

It has remained that way and has become a national event in PNG’s calendar. The Goroka Show attracts tourists from within PNG as well as from all over the world.

The Eastern Highlands Cultural Show which is simply known as the “Goroka Show” is a significant event in the Province. the spin-offs to the people and business houses in the Province is appreciated. The show provides entertainment to the people of the Eastern Highlands and to visitors form PNG and overseas.

The Goroka Show is a probably the most known tribal gathering and cultural event in Papua New Guinea. It is held every year close to the Independence Day (16th September) in the town of Goroka. About 100 tribes arrive to show their music, dance and culture. This festival started in the mid 1950s from the initiative of missionaries. In recent years it became an attractive tourist destination because it is one of a few opportunities to see the traditional tribal culture.