Samsung RU7100 Black Friday Deals 2021

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The Samsung RU7100 is a Fantastic 4k LED TV that has Adequate Overall picture quality. It can deliver deep blacks, thanks to its large native contrast ratio, and it’s very good for a darkened area. But , it lacks a local dimming feature to improve dark room performance. It has great gray uniformity and great color accuracy out of the box. It does not have a wide color gamut and can’t get really bright, especially at HDR. Motion handling is fair, however the input lag is remarkably low, which makes the TV very reactive; a thing that will please gamers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support any of the advanced gaming features discovered on higher-end Samsung models, and also the image loses accuracy when viewed from the side.

Samsung RU7100 Black Friday Deals

The Samsung RU7100 is a 2020 entry-level UHD TV. It is The replacement of this NU7100 at Samsung’s lineup, and it is meant as a more budget version that lacks a number of the more advanced features located in the higher-end UHDs like the Samsung RU8000.

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The design of the Samsung RU7100 is exceptional, similar to last year’s Samsung NU7100. The stand supports both the TV nicely and allows just minimal wobble. It is, however, nearly as wide as the TV, which means you will need a large table to place it on. The back of the TV is made from plastic with the same textured finish located on last year’s Samsung TVs. Cable management is serviced through manual tracks on the back of the TV and with the assistance of a few clips that attach to the thighs. The build quality is adequate, and you should have no issues with it.

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Samsung RU7100 Black Friday Deals 2021

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Samsung RU7100 Black Friday Deals 2021

The stand is plastic but supports the TV well. It’s almost as wide as the TV, and the legs cannot be reversed. There’s a twist, but not overly much.

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Footprint of this 55″ TV stand: 38.3″ x 10.4″

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Samsung RU7100 Sale

The Back of this TV is plain. It’s made from good quality plastic and the texture is matte with a lot of fine horizontal ridges, like last year’s NU7100.

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Cable management is serviced during tracks Located near the bottom of the back and the special clips that attach to the legs,

The picture quality of this RU7100 is adequate. It has a High native contrast ratio and can produce profound casual blacks, but it lacks a local dimming feature to further improve dark area performance. It can get decently bright, and it is more suitable for an average-lit or darkened area. It doesn’t have a broad colour gamut and cannot find bright enough to deliver a good HDR performance. The Samsung UN55RU7100 has adequate reflection handling and good gray uniformity that can please most sports fans. Unfortunately, it has narrow viewing angles, just like most VA panel TVs, and the image quickly loses accuracy when seen from the side.

Samsung RU7100 Deals

The native contrast ratio of the RU7100 is exceptional. This is great for watching films in a completely dark room. Unfortunately, the TV does not have a local dimming feature to improve the contrast ratio.

The HDR peak brightness is disappointing. Even the RU7100 can’t acquire bright enough to deliver a vivid HDR image. Small highlights in dark scenes are dimmed by the TV’s algorithms, as revealed by our 2% window evaluation. This is known as CE dimming.

Our Measurements were taken at the’Movie’ picture mode, without the calibration configurations and Auto Motion Plus settings place to’Off.’ Some settings may generate a brighter image.




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