Samsung ru8000 Black Friday Deals 2021

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The Samsung RU8000 is a Really good 4k TV with good picture quality. It provides deep uniform blacks in a dark area, but lacks a local dimming feature to improve dark area performance. The RU8000 has great SDR peak brightness and great manifestation handling. The TV has a large colour gamut, but HDR peak brightness is simply fair, so that it can’t display small highlights as they should be. The overall gray uniformity is good with just minimal dirty screen effect, however, the viewing angles are bad and you have to sit straight in front to enjoy an accurate image. Motion handling is exceptional with a fast reaction time that helps display crisp movement with minimal blur trail. The input lag is very low, and the TV supports FreeSync variable refresh rate tech to please gamers.

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Samsung ru8000 Black Friday Deals 2021

Samsung ru8000 Black Friday Deals

The Samsung RU8000 has an superb layout. The stand is Made of fantastic quality plastic, affirms the TV nicely, and prevents most wobbling. The back of this TV is plain with a nice feel and resembles the back of the Q60R. The TV is relatively slim and its borders are similar to the Q60R. The build quality is adequate, and although we noticed a small crack in the lower left corner of the bezel (which didn’t affect our evaluations in any way), you ought to have no difficulties with the TV’s build quality.

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Samsung ru8000 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Stand is made from superior quality plastic and supports the TV well. It’s similar to the Samsung Q80R’s stand, however, the thighs are not hollow to serve as cable manuals. Even the TV wobbles a little if nudged, but it is nothing serious.

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Footprint of this 55″ TV stand: 35.0″ x 9.3″

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The Back of this TV is almost identical to the Q80R, both the Q70R, and the Q60R. It’s made from plastic and has the typical Samsung textured pattern. There are a couple grooves at the base that can direct the cables into the legs by which a clip helps with all the cable management.

Samsung ru8000 Sale

Note: We only have one clip, which will be unusual, but we are not sure when there were just two from the box and we only lost the other one.

The boundaries are slim and not so noticeable. They are, However, marginally thicker than last year’s NU8000, and in precisely the same ballpark as this year’s Q60R. We noticed that the lower left corner of the bezel was cracked, however it did not interfere with our testing.

The TV is slightly thinner than that year’s Q60R, The Q70R, and also the Q80R, but slightly thicker than the RU7100. In case you decide to wall mount it, then you should use the spacers that are included in the box because of the TV’s curved back. It will not stand out much.

Samsung ru8000 Deals

The picture quality is good. The TV can produce deep Uniform blacks in a dark area thanks to the native contrast ratio and Amazing black uniformity. Unfortunately, It Doesn’t support a local dimming Feature to further enhance dark room performance. It can acquire reasonably bright At SDR, good for an average-lit space, and can handle expressions nicely so you do Not have to be worried if your room has a couple of light sources. It has a wide color Gamut, but it can’t get very glowing in HDR, so small highlights in certain Scenes don’t stand out as they should. The RU8000 has great gray Uniformity with minimal messy display effect that can satisfy even demanding Sports fans, however, the viewing angles are bad and the image deteriorates rapidly When viewed from the other side. This will not make it a Fantastic choice if you Often watch games having a large set of friends.




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